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Restaurant patrons visit your establishment not just for good food, but also a great experience. When what was eaten is long forgotten, a great restaurant experience will bring them back.

Don’t let a technology failure ruin their experience!

Your IT infrastructure touches many areas of the business, from your guests’ WiFi access to your POS system, credit card, and back office systems – all of which are critical to daily operations and contribute to a great customer experience.

Have you experienced any of these problems that could potentially ruin your guest’s experience?

  • Part or all of your POS system down keeping orders from being taken or processed
  • Complaints of slow or no WiFi access
  • Lost or missing reservations because of internet or system problems
  • Slow or no guest credit card processing
  • Slow back office system
  • Loss of data due to hard drive failure and no backup systems
  • Loss of internet connectivity without a backup internet solution
  • Hardware not working- security, computers, media, internet, tablets, etc.

What is your solution? How do you get these problems addressed as quickly as possible? What will it cost you? How will your guests be impacted?

At KEDATMO, we are the expert IT Managed Service solutions providers committed to serving the unique needs of the restaurant industry. From Dedicated Restaurant Emergency Response to Big Brother Service Monitoring to Network planning and Installation, KEDATMO is your sole solution Restaurant IT Managed Service provider.

If your POS or Internet-service provider hasn’t been able to make things right, it’s time to call KEDATMO. We’ll identify your root problem, fix them and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


Cto Service
Cto Service

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Help Is on the Way: call 770-203-1093 to reach a technician

It’s Friday night, the house is full – and your POS is down. Unfortunately, your POS provider doesn’t make house calls.

But we do. KeDatMo responds to restaurant IT emergencies immediately and resolves issues quickly.

We take care of software, hardware and connectivity problems so you can get back to your guests.

Count on KeDatMo for:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Remote support
  • On-site support
  • Hardware repairs

Ongoing maintenance and monitoring can virtually eliminate outages. Click here www.kedatmo.com to learn more about our managed IT and network services.


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A Key Ingredient in Customer Happiness: A Reliable Network                                                     

With thin margins and plenty of competition, restaurants can’t afford to spend valuable time re-booting systems and troubleshooting their information technology.

A reliable and secure network is critical to virtually every facet of your restaurant’s operations.  KeDatMo’s managed IT and network services are designed to establish fast, accessible service for customers, employees, and management – and to keep all your technology, software and devices operating optimally.

When your network is well designed, completely secured and properly managed, it eliminates these issues:

  • Intermittent POS outages
  • Spotty guest wi-fi service
  • Vulnerable data with credit card transactions and guest wi-fi
  • Poor reliability of technology systems
  • Inconsistent connectivity among multiple locations


KeDatMo stops network problems before they stop your business by providing:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Creation and enforcement of security policies
  • Network documentation
  • Wi-fi rogue detection
  • Maintenance and security services
  • Regular preventative maintenance to keep work stations, data servers, and networks functioning reliably
  • Data backup
  • PBX systems for sending data across phone lines when power outages bring down the Internet

We also help new restaurants launch and established ones expand to new locations with network planning and installation, comprehensive management, monitoring, maintenance and security services.

With our help, you can be sure all your critical systems reliably support operations:

  • POS system
  • PCI compliance [hyperlink to PCI compliance page]
  • Online reservations
  • Mobile wallets and gift cards
  • Loyalty programs
  • Consistent Wi-fi across the establishment
  • Digital media
  • Video surveillance
  • Online inventory management


When you have a stable system, you can fully focus on creating a memorable meal for your guests. Call 770-203-1093 or email KeDatMo  matthew@kedatmo.com today to schedule a free consultation.



Cto Service
Cto Service

Network installation

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Managed IT Services for Restaurants | Data back-up, online security, and tech troubleshooting. We do it all.